1. Do I have to be home when you clean?
It's up to you. Many customers prefer to give us a key. Or you can leave us a key in a
safe place such as a lock-box. Alarm systems can be disarmed or left off on the day of
cleaning. The most efficient way for everyone is for you to give us a key and alarm codes
or a garage door code
We will lock up when we are done.

2. How will my keys be protected?
Your key will be locked in a safe to which only the Domestic Goddesses have
access. The key will be issued from the safe on the day of your cleaning. Keys are
coded and never reference customer names or addresses.

3. How many people will be cleaning my home?
We work in teams of two to three people depending on several factors such as
scheduling and home size. Each team will have a designated leader responsible for
supervision and quality control.

4. What if I have a special request not covered in your normal cleaning routine?
Just let us know and we will do everything we can to meet your request. We can often
work in your request at no additional charge. Special projects such as oven cleaning, and
window washing will require an additional charge.

5. Will I always have the same team?
We do make an effort to ensure that the same team cleans your home however we
cannot guarantee that you will always have the same team.

6. Are teams trained and supervised?
Training is a continuing process at Domestic Goddess Cleaning and all team members are
periodically evaluated to ensure that they can successfully deliver the high quality
cleans Domestic Goddess Cleaning demands.

7. How much will it cost to clean my home?
The best way to answer that question is to have a Domestic Goddess Rep give you a
free estimate. Prices will vary based on several factors
such as square footage and floor surfaces. During an in home estimate we will be able
to provide you with two different estimates. First for getting your home clean, and
second for keeping it clean on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

8. How do I pay?
Payment is due at the time of service. You can pay by cash, personal check, or credit
card. On regularly scheduled visits we ask that you leave payment on the kitchen
counter top. If you prefer to pay by credit card we will process your payment from our
office on the day of your cleaning.

9. Do you guarantee your work?
We guarantee that your house will be cleaned the way you want it. Highly trained and
supervised teams back up our guarantee. We use a customized check-sheet for each
home and document and verify all work performed. If you are not completely satisfied
call us the day of your cleaning
we will be happy to return and re-clean whatever is in question at no additional charge.

10. Hardwood Floor Policy
All of our products and equipment are designed with your hardwood floors in mind,if you have a special
product that you have been using to clean the floors we can use it if you leave it out. If you have furniture
that can harm the floors we will clean around them without moving them,or you can move the furniture for
our cleaning team,Domestic Goddess Cleaning will not be responsible for any damage caused by your
furniture,pets or your special products

11. How do I schedule my next cleaning?
Just call us at 636-410-5060 or send us an email at admin@domesticgoddesscleaningservice.com
if you elect to have a weekly or biweekly cleaning we will schedule you for the same time and day
every week

12.What do I need to do to prepare for a cleaning?
You need to have the toys picked up,dishes cleaned and out of sink and off counters if possible
toilets flushed,baths emptied,furniture that you need cleaned behind pulled out,pets contained,change furnace 
filter if needed,have clothes picked up off of floor
 *bonded, insured
* Background checked employees
* All employee taxes & insurance paid
* Fully trained staff
* Reliable, flexible scheduling
* All supplies &equipment provided
* Residential, home, office, condo, 
   apartment cleaning services
*office and commercial cleaning
* Regular or one-time cleaning
*Make ready service
* construction cleaning
*Property cleanout

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Our Services 

* Cobwebs removed, light fixtures dusted* Dust everything from crown molding down to shelves, pictures, fronts of cabinets and in the grooves where dust is* Ceiling fans dusted* Blinds Swiffered* Windowsill's wiped with damp cloth* Kitchen chairs hand cleaned* Chair feet wiped with damp cloth* Microwave cleaned inside and out, all other appliances wiped front and sides where accessible* Range hood cleaned* Top of range and front wiped* Counters cleaned, backsplash and anything on counters wiped* Kitchen window at sink cleaned* Kitchen table cleaned* Trash taken out* Trash can cleaned outside, inside lid as well* Area rugs vacuumed* Baseboards wiped* Floor vacuumed, carpet edging vacuumed, hard floor edges wiped and rest of floor mopped and hand wiped 
* clean bathroom Dust everything from crown molding down to light fixtures, pictures, shelves, fronts of cabinets and in grooves* Ceiling fans dusted* Blinds Swiffered* Bathtub tile walls and shower stall and doors cleaned and disinfected* SOAP SCUM AND HARD WATER DEPOSITS REMOVED IF POSSIBLE* Sinks and vanity cleaned and disinfected* Nic-nacs wiped off, mirrored decorative platters cleaned and shined* Toilet cleaned from top of tank down to floor* Toilet scrubber holder wiped with damp cloth* Trash taken out, outside of trash cans wiped* Bath scale wiped with damp cloth* Baseboards wiped with damp cloth* Throw rugs vacuumed* Floors vacuumed and mopped and hand wiped
 Bedrooms and Living Areas
* clean living area Cobwebs removed* Dust everything from crown molding down to shelves, pictures, front and sides of furniture and in grooves of furniture where dust is* Blinds Swiffered* Large and small nic-nacs dusted and wiped* All glass wiped clean, including TV* Lamps dusted and radios, books, etc.* All trash removed, trash cans wiped* Throw rugs vacuumed* Chairs hand wiped* Baseboards dusted* Floors vacuumed and carpet edging vacuumed, Swiffered and / or mopped* Floors vacuumed in closets where floor is clear
odor abatement

 We cannot clean bathrooms or kitchen sinks that have faulty or inoperable drains or faucets.* We cannot make alterations to damaged or frayed carpets, drapes, mini-blinds or hardwood flooring.* We cannot clean workout equipment.*all trash will be taken to garage trash can we can not take trash to the curb*kitchen trash cans that are not full enough to be emptied will be left alone PLEASE Have all toilets flushed, sinks and baths emptied, pet / human feces removed, vomit removed, pets restrained and have all clothes, bedding, toys and dishes picked up from the floor.
Construction Clean and Construction type Cleaning
in order to keep your home cleaner,if you have had any kind of work done it is a good idea to change your furnace filter after the work is completed and then again prior to having the home cleaned. This will keep most of the dust from recirculating around the home*your contractor is responsible for scraping excess caulk/drywall mud/globs of glue or other big messes that they make, they should have the majority of the dust and debris swept up and disposed of,if for some reason this didn't happen please let us know so that we can charge you accordingly We have a new service starting. If you have a cluttered room with stuff piled on dressers, chairs etc., we will come in and clean and organize that room.Due to Insurance Liabilities:* ATTENTION:in the event someone has cleaned your wood floors that have a polyurethane finish with anything other than a water and vinegar dampened wet mop,we will not be able to clean wood floors that have been previously cleaned and damaged with Acrylic based Products like MOP AND GLOW FOR WOOD FLOORS we must be told in advance of our cleaning if this has happened,we will not be responsible for the finished look if we start to clean these floors ,Please check with your flooring specialist for ways to fix those areas, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause*
 ATTENTION During inclement weather we may be forced to reschedule out of concern for the safety of our personnel and clients. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.If inclement weather is imminent, we will attempt to call you the night before your scheduled cleaning to reschedule and / or at 6:00 a.m. the morning of your cleaning date.
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